A Cook’s Micro-kitchen

2020, Berlin.

The project originated from a conversation with an avid cook who lives in an apartment with an incredibly small kitchen. During the pandemic he had started working from home as a contract cook for families around Berlin. Yet, with just 3m2 space, the work had started spilling out on to surfaces in the rest of the apartment.

Ebbe studio worked with him to redesign the kitchen and make the best of the minimal space. New cabinets were designed to maximise storage and a pull out butcher’s block cart allows for additional counter space when needed. Bespoke cabinetry fronts in whitewashed birch ply were also discussed with the clients to help make the best of limited light in the space.

After discussing different finishes options the project was put on hold during the winter lockdown with the hope to restart in the summer of 2021.

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